Himalayan Halite Crystal Salt    


crystal-white-grobe     Himalayan Medium salt     crystal-white-fine   

                 Coarse                                                  Medium                                           Fine

           Grain Size : 2mm~5mm                                     Grain Size : 1mm~2mm                            Grain Size : 0.3mm~0.7mm


The diamond among the salts. * Won at the foot of the Himalayas. Crystal clear, with a pure, perfect structure. Aristocrats appreciate it for centuries because of its value and delicate taste. Crystal White is suitable for refining sauces, meat, fish and vegetables.

Crystal White is mined in the salt mines of northern Pakistan in large chunks. If these lumps are crushed by hand into smaller clumps that workers sometimes find small pieces the size of a ping pong ball, having a perfect crystal structure. This salt is clear, pure and bright, like a crystal.

Crystal White salt is very rare. He is credited with special properties. For centuries, it is also appreciated for its pure taste. In former times it was a luxury item that was traded over long distances and literally worth its weight in gold.Crystal White is a salt of an earlier age. It is approximately 250 million years old – unaffected by impurities or pollution. Fans of Crystal White appreciate it today to refine sauces, meat, fish and vegetables. It fits best in a salt mill, and gives your table a special paint.


Himalayan Pink Salt


crystal-pink-grob     salt     crystal-pink-fine

               Coarse                                                      Medium                                             Fine

       Grain Size : 2mm~5mm                                         Grain Size : 1mm~2mm                             Grain Size : 0.3mm~0.7mm


The salt obtained at * foot of the Himalayas is more than 200 million years old. It is stored inherently long past. A universal natural salt with many beneficial properties and popular with professional chefs in the world.

The Pink Crystal Pink comes from northern Pakistan. It is a natural rock salt, which was created when the prehistoric seas in this region evaporated. This was about 250 million years ago, long before the Indian subcontinent drifting northward, collided with the Asian continent and the mountains formed, which we now know as the Himalayas.Crystal Pink is mined in mines at the foot of the mountain by hand. Football Large chunks are crushed to fist-sized lumps to determine the quality of the salt. The workers but carefully all lumps of which contain impurities and thus ensure that only the best pieces are used for wood Bach salt.

The color of the salt crystals varies from pure white to deep red. They contain valuable trace elements and have a cleansing effect. Crystal Pink is a delicious salt and especially popular as a spice, but also an attractive table salt. It is probably one of the oldest edible food – do not take it with the expiration date so as accurately …Ideal for seasoning meat, fish and vegetables. Without chemical additives and separation aids, not refined or bleached – completely natural!


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