Crafted Salt Lamps

These are the most common shapes of the salt lamps we produce. In this category, Lamps are crafted with the machines by experienced crafters. So this is the why that most of the lamps come in the same size and shape comparing to natural shapes. Although the machines used are not digital, an experienced crafter is needed to shape them in a regular size. Here some of the shapes are displayed. If you are looking for any other which is not here, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Our accuracy is up to 90% in shapes and weight categories.

 himalayan-salt-lamp-fire-bowl-54edbb23aa823 himalayan-salt-lamp-ball-54edbb4013f58 himalayan-salt-lamp-lotus-54f5b54790d10
                  Fire Bowl                                        Ball                                            Lotus

himalayan-salt-lamp-angel-54edbb898c889 himalayan-salt-lamp-rose-550bd0976b41c himalayan-salt-lamp-pyramid-54edbcb7b02cd

                  Angel                                             Rose                                       Pyramid            
himalayan-salt-lamp-tear-drop-54edbb5d97aa2 himalayan-salt-lamp-cube-sq-550bd7a337cda himalayan-salt-lamp-cylinder-54edbc22528be

                 Tear Drop                                    Cube                                           Cylinder

himalayan-salt-lamp-obelisk-54eef1c2b8e9d himalayan-salt-lamp-egg-54edbc43aed9e himalayan-salt-lamp-heart-54edbde78381b

               Obelisk                                              Egg                                            Heart

himalayan-salt-lamp-pineapple-54edbe1ec86de himalayan-salt-lamp-rectang-550bf5819cc75 himalayan-salt-lamp-rose-bowl-54edbc5ae592c

                Pineapple                                   Cuboid                                        Rose Bowl

         Rugby Ball