Tea Lights & Candle Holders

Our Salt Tea lights are designed to accommodate the common candles size. They can be used with any of the regular, scented or colored candle. Just put in the candle lit it up and enjoy the several hours of cozy and refreshing light. We suggest a long stick of Match for burning the candle to avoid any injury. Suitable for Sauna rooms, spleoth6eropy, massage rooms or use for the Candle light dinners, in the bars, else everywhere you want to make the atmosphere clean, healthier and romantic as well. Salt Tea lights come in many shapes and designs. Some designs are introduced in the market by us only such as flower Tea lights. We shifted the same designs of flower lamps on the Candle holders to give a new innovative look. Please browse our category, if you feel to have more information, do not hesitate to contact us.


salt candle holder   himalayan natural candle holder   himalayan candle holder   Natural candle holder

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