USB Salt Lamps

USB Salt Lamps are Very new in the product Range of Himalayan Salt lamps. A very handy Size of Salt Lamp with energy saving LED light bulb to give you the same soothing and refreshing Light as from the regular large size Salt lamps. They can be manufactured in All the Shapes and designs as for the regular Salt lamps.
It’s available in following details:-
1-Wirelength     1.5 Meter
2- Wooden base:  Kikker
3- USB Pin covers with Rubber cap
4- Wire Color: Black
5- LED: white, orange, yellow, blue, green, multi color (slow flashing) RGB

USB Salt lamps have a plus point having many different colors of bulbs easily available. One bulb life is minimum 20000 hours.
Salt Lamp gives off a warm glow which is not only soothing to look at but also creates a peaceful atmosphere that lets you clear your mind and being more relaxed when you spend long hours in front of your PC or laptop. `
Perfect gift for all who are sbpending nights in the virtual world.
Place the “Natural USB” Salt Lamp near your computer to reduce fatigue and EMF (Electro Magnetic Pollution) created by office equipment. The lamp will also improve your concentration and emit negative ions.
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USB salt lamps Colored natural USB Lamp USB pyramid salt Lamp

             Ball USB Salt Lamp                      Natural USB Salt Lamp                      Pyramid USB Salt Lamp


        Usb salt lamp                USB salt Lamp                  USB salt lamp 3   

                           Ball                                                      Egg                                                        Pyramid                                        

      USB salt lamp pink            USB salt lamp tear              USB salt lamp   


                    Tear Drop                                       Tear Drop Pointed                                           Natural 

            Natural usb lamp                Crafted whited USB lamp                 Crafted USB salt lamp

                    Natural                                                    Cube                                                             Cylinder